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Stedmark Partners is an experienced team of financial professionals at Janney Montgomery Scott LLC, a New York Stock Exchange Member firm headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Led by Mark Eskin, Ed Blumenthal, and Chris Borden, we advise successful individuals, business enterprises, medical practices and non-profit organizations. We provide guidance on a wide range of financial matters, including sophisticated financial planning, investment management, retirement income planning, education funding and inter-generational wealth transfer.

Collectively, our individual, charitable and small-business clients have entrusted approximately $1 billion of assets to our team’s oversight.  We are extremely proud of the fact that many of our client relationships extend back over several decades, and in quite a few instances, span as many as four generations of family members.  New clients of our practice typically have $1 million or more of investible assets, are seeking consolidated and comprehensive wealth management solutions, and engage us on a flat percentage fee basis for complete fee transparency.  This professional investment advisory approach is critical to our mission, as we seek to deliver prudent and personalized investment and financial planning advice to each new generation of our clients.



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